Civil Defence Pakistan
Minister’s Message  

The modern world is characterized by the diversity of challenges and the availability of opportunities. The advancement in science and technology has further widened the horizons of threats and the potential of responses. The social, gee-strategic, political, and environmental transformation has necessitated the community awareness, preparedness, and sensitivity of the challenges posed to man's survival on the planet earth. The imbalance caused by the distortion of echo-system, depletion of ozone layer, and the extinction of forests have caused floods, earthquakes, and natural catastrophes. In the wake of the new world order, the introduction of extremist and terrorist activities has also made human life vulnerable. The emergence of new phenomena has augmented the role of Civil Defence in neutralizing and mitigating the impact of all these odds, I am sure the department will work hard to meet the challenges ahead. I appeal the youth to join Civil Defence for help their nation on the difficult moments. I wish the organization and its force of volunteers all the best in their efforts.


Interior Minister

Civil Defence Training School Faisalabad
Civil Defence Training School Lahore
Civil Defence Training School Karachi
Civil Defence Training School Quetta
Civil Defence Training School Peshawar
Civil Defence Training School Muzaffarabad
National Institute of Fire Technoloty, Islamabad
Civil Defence Academy
Directorate General Civil Defence
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