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cyclones or volcanic eruption that little can be done to prevent the occurrence thereof. The loss to the human lives and national assets can however be minimized by adopting effective preventive measures and educating the masses about safety measures against the said catastrophes.
The devastating earthquake of 8th October, 2005 which resulted in the loss of innumerable human lives and property of billions of rupees made the nation and the state realize the importance of organizations dealing with disaster management. They bring forth an appreciation of the consequences of a large scale disaster and the need of timely preparation for facing such an eventuality.
Apart from strengthening civil defence structures by providing latest operational vehicles and equipment, there is also a dire need to enhance the know-how of people at mass level about protective measures adopted against natural and manmade disasters. The Federal and Provincial Civil Defence Training Institutes/Centres by conducting long and short term courses are playing a vital role in this context under a well chalked out training programmes regularly for training of officials of government departments, autonomous bodies, industrial / commercial undertakings and the general public.
The publication of this website “www.civilcefence.gov.pk” is also a move forward in the direction of achieving the goal of sensitizing masses to the importance of Civil Defence an organization which comprises masses.
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