S #NameDesignationBPSSalaryDuties
1Mr. Muhammad HanifDirector General20As admissiblePolicy, Planning, Coordination Administration & supervision of the working of Federal Civil Defence structure across Pakistan
2Mr. Tariq Jawed QaziDirector (Admn/Coord)19-do-To assist DGCD in the above spheres.To supervise the working of all sections in the Dte. Gen. Civil Defence.Coordination with the Training Institutions.Represent the DGCD at different forums.
3Mr. Muhammad Muzaffar SiddiqueDy. Director (Technical)18-do-To assist the DCD in above spheres.To provide assistance in the technical matters
4VacantAssistant Director (A&C)17-do-To assist the DCD in administrative affairs.To supervise the working of admn section.
5Mr. SanaullahAssistant Director (Trg)17-do-To assist the DCD in Training affairs.To supervise the working of Training SectionCoordination with Training Institutes
6VacantAssistant Director (Budget & Accounts)17-do-To assist the DCD in Financial affairs. To supervise the working of Budget section.Preparation & Distribution of Budget / Auditing
7VacantAssistant Director (P&T/ Camouflage)17-do-To assist the DCD  in maintaining camouflage files / documents Supervision of section work.
8Mr. Anwar AliAdministrative Officer16-do-As mentioned at Sr. No.4
9Mr. Muhammad Saeed AhmedAdministrative Officer16-do-As mentioned at Sr. No.6
10Mrs. Zahida ParveenDy. Assistant Director (Camouflage)16-do-As mentioned at Sr. No.7
11Mr. Mudassar NawazDy. Assistant Director (P&T)16-do-As mentioned at Sr. No.7
12Mr. Sohail MahmoodAPS to DGCD16-do-Care & Maintenance of DGCD office  / communication / record keeping
13VacantAPS to DCD16-do-Care & Maintenance of DCD office  / communication / record keeping
14Mr. Amjad RasheedAssistant  (P&T)15/16As admissibleRecord keeping of the concerned section.
15Mr. Muhammad Ilyas (B&A)-do--do--do-
16Mr. Muhammad Amjad (Trg)-do--do--do-
17Mr. Abdul Qayyum (Cash)-do--do--do-
18Mr. Kamran Ali(Admn)-do--do--do-
19Mrs. Bushra Farzana(Cam)-do--do--do-
20Ms. Tehreem RashidJunior Instructor14-do-Updating training record
21Mrs. Mahnoor Shermen-do--do--do--do-
22Mr. EhteshamStenotypist  DGCD14-do-Typing  work
23Mr. Abdul SamadBudget & Accounts-do--do--do-
24Mr. Muhammad HarisAdmn Section -do--do--do-
25Mr. Muhammad Afzal    UDC /Store keeper11-do-Maintenance of Stores
26Mr. Muhammad SaleemUDC /Cash section11-do-Budget record maintenance
27Mr. Muhammad AminTranslator11-do-Translation work
28Mr. Tariq SohailDraftsman11-do-Fabrication of  graphics
29Mr. Mubashar HassanLDC9-do-Outdoor duties
30Mr. AzmatullahLDC9-do-Diary  & Dispatch work
31  Mr. AsadullahCinema Operator7-do-Multimedia / Electric work
32  Mr. Muhammad AshraafDriver7-do-Driving / Maintenance of vehicles.
33Mr. Sajid Mehmood-do-7-do--do-
34Mr. Muhammad Rafique-do-7-do--do-
35Mr. Tariq MehmoodDaftri3-do-DGCD office
36Mr. Muhammad Bashir-do- -do- -do-Budget Section
37Mr. Zaman MehdiNaib Qasid1 / 2-do-Dusting / files movement in different sections 
38Mr. Muhammad Matloob-do--do--do--do-
39Mr. Baber Shahzad-do--do--do--do-
40Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz-do--do--do--do-
41Mr. Muhammad Usman-do--do--do--do-
42Mr. Muhammad Ilyas-do--do--do--do-
43Mr. Muhammad ShamraizMali2-do-Gardening work
44Mr. Mehmood AkhterChowkidar1/2-do-Watchman duty
45Mr. Tallat Mehmood-do-  -do-
46Mr. Adeel MasihSweeper2-do-Cleaning /Sweeping