About Civil Defence

Civil Defence in modern times is very essential for a civilized society. As the Civil Defence is always ready for the protection of any person, property, place or thing during any hostile attack, whether from Air, Land or Sea.. During the peace times humanity also faces other most dangerous calamities whether these are man made or natural.


1. To reduce to the minimum the number of casualties in the people.
2. To minimize damage and dislocation to essential services.
3. To ensure uninterrupted production in mills and factories.
4. To provide active civilian support to war efforts.
5. To maintain in the people a high standard of morale and a strong ” will to win”
Our country can not afford to take full civil Defence measures through out the country as it requires tremendous resources and expense so the General public has been involved in a disciplined manner / on voluntarily basis to take full Civil Defence measures during War/ Peace times
The disaster which means an event that occurs in most cases suddenly and without any Warning or symptoms, causing severe disturbances to people, objects and environment, resulting in loss of precious life, property and health of the population. Such situation causes disruption in normal pattern of life, generating misfortune, helplessness and suffering affecting the socioeconomic structure of a region/Country to such an extent that there is need for assistance or immediate outside intervention.
In order to make a strong Civil Defence structure there is an urgent need to make awareness among the students of schools, colleges and of other such institutions with regard to existence of Civil Defence and its important/unavoidable role in disaster management. As the students are the future saviors of our country.


Civil Defence is an organization of the citizens to minimize the effects of any enemy action. In clear terms it is organized to give service to victims and take action to minimize damage to human life and property from enemy bombing and land and naval attacks. It aims at restoring quick normalcy in essential services, industrial units and other walks of life, after an attack. According to Civil Defence act 1952 amended in 1996 the definition of Civil Defence is “Civil Defence includes any measures not amounting to actual combat for affording defence against any form of hostile attack by a foreign power or for depriving any form of hostile attack by a foreign power of its effects. Whether such measures are taken before, during or after the time of attack. It also includes remedial measures against natural and man made disasters in peace time”.


In spite of our country’s efforts to follow a policy of peace, amity and friendship at home and abroad our country is recently subjected to a naked aggression by an un-principled enemy. We must therefore, be prepared with plans for protection of life and property for such eventuality. Our best insurance for peace is to prepare for war and to be ready for all contingencies. We must also so build up our strength as to prevent an enemy to risk war with us. Our Civil Defence must be in a fortified position as our military potential.