Establishment of the Institute

Federal Civil Defence Training School, Peshawar is a subordinate office of Directorate General Civil Defence, Interior Division, Islamabad. The school was established in Provinceof Khyber Pakhtoon Khwaon 1st July 1976and it started its function on January 1977.

Mission of the Institute

The institute is dedicated to equip employees of Government, semi government and other autonomous bodies’ officers with knowledge, skills and values on emergency services during peace time and emergency. CivilDefenceTraining School, Peshawaroffers training in such areas as Fire Fighting, Casualty Handing, Rescue Techniques and NBC Production.


Training is an integral part of Civil Defence Organization. To cater the need of Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa Province, Civil Defence Training School Peshawar has been established with a view to provide training to the Government / Semi Government and Civil Defence Volunteers. The overriding objective is to create high quality manpower for manning disasters effectively and reaching out to the affected populace during any eventuality. The Directorate General Civil Defence Islamabad issued annual training schedule for each year and accordingly the institute organizes training.


The institute has also give Fire Consultancy Services to various organizations.