A Brief History 
Pakistan is a developing country. The numbers of industrial units dealing with high fire risks materials are fast increasing. Modern and sophisticated industries have been established throughout the country. With the development in industrial sphere, the fire risks are also increasing day by day. The control of such hazards is highly technical job and can only be undertaken if a proper know how is available. As such there was a dire need of having an institution in the country where such knowledge and skill could be provided.


  1.   To provide advanced training in the field of fire science and technology.
  2.   To render technical fire consultancy to the Government departments and other agencies.
  3.   To investigate the fire incidents.
  4.   To check and inspect the fire prevention / Fire Fighting appliances installed at Government and private concerns.
  5.   To recommend or suggest, according to the fire risk, the fire safety / allied protective measures to the above.

Importance at International and National Level
In order to promote fire science / engineering, Government of Pakistan established National Institute of Fire Technology in 1980 at Islamabad. The objective of establishing this institute was to standardize fire policy for the nation as a whole and to provide training facilities in fire subjects, in accordance with the modern standard to the personnel belonging to Government, Semi Government, autonomous bodies and general public.

The courses regarding fire prevention and fire fighting which are conducted at this institute, have been recognized by the International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO), Geneva. The institute entered in an advance stage of Fire Prevention when participation from Jordon, Sri Lanka and other countries also attended the courses such as Station Fire Officers course and Fire Prevention Officer’s course etc.

The institute has also give Fire Consultancy Services to various organizations